Just letting you all know that with the release of SL’s latest server changes (Server side appearance) that something went Horribly Wrong™ with the Raccoon avatars. For many, the lower body texture will not load properly, either displaying the texture from a prior avatar or not loading at all (or even looking invisible).

We’ve actually tracked down the issue with the Shoe clothing layer. If you remove the ‘Kaetif Raccoon – Shoes” from the avatar, it should display the lower body textures properly. We’re not sure what happened, but it appears that the texture on the shoes was corrupted and is causing the baking process on the lower part of the avatar to fail.

I am currently creating a new shoe layer for the avatar and we will be rolling out updates as soon as we’re done testing and packing the boxes.

If you are in the Realmscapes group, you will see the message about the updates as soon as they’re available. And you can get your update by clicking on the “About” tab of the HUD, and clicking on the “Updates” button.

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We’ll be celebrating the release of this new avatar in Rocket City April 13th at 7pm SLT!  Feel free to come out and join us, and you’ll have the chance to win an avatar!

The Avatars are currently available in our stores in Second Life, and will be available on the Marketplace shortly.


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I’ve been working on these avatars for the past couple of months and they’re almost ready to go!  However I was showing some of the headshots to a couple of friends and the idea came up to try to make all the expressions in the Essential Expressions meme.  These images are nothing more than  screenshots of the avatar in game – with no extra sculpties, animations or scripting or anything of the like. This is the stock avatar as it comes.  It was sitting on a posing stand that keeps the head still, though for Triumph the arm is up because I was editing the backdrop at the time and it seemed appropriate.  Either way, we put a lot of work into making our avatars expressive and I think this really shows the potential of the avatar.

This avatar should be available in the next few days.

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We found a texture issue with the WH Wilds Tiger avatar’s HUD.  But don’t worry, we’ve fixed it!  If you are a Wild Tiger owner, you can use your updater to get the new version. Only two changes: The HUD of course, so if you’ve modified the body at all, don’t worry, it won’t need to be replaced. And we’ve also removed the Updater and put it on the HUD as a button in the About page. So you won’t need to fiddle with an update object anymore!

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We’ve just released the Housecats on the grid!  The Kaerwyn Creation avatars were built to resemble (And possibly be used for) my Webcomics Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn.  (I know, both are kind of on hiatus).  Not so secretly I intend to use these avatars as ‘extras’ in the comics.  But enough of that, these are more ‘cartoon’ styled than our normal WereHouse avatars.  They are currently only available in 10 “pointed” color schemes (Think similar to a siamese).   But we intend to add more coat colors and patterns in the near future.

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After long last (And many many bug squishes) we finally have the Wild Tiger finished and in the vendors!

More information is available about this avatar here: http://www.werehousesl.com/wildtiger/

Here is our marketplace listing for it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WereHouse-Wilds-Tiger-Avatar-V1/4249104

And now some eyecandy:

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It’s almost done! Working on the website for it now (There’s probably some mistakes but you can get some basic info about it from here). http://www.werehousesl.com/undeadwolf/

We’re still testing it, and I’m currently working on the box, which should have a fun little animation to go with it when you put it on!

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Since I could put this avatar together with the previous Wild Wolf build, as well as scavaging parts from Shadowed Soul, I’ve managed to do about a month’s worth of work in 1 day.  Not bad. Wish I could plow through other avatars like this one.

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So, Halloween is coming up and I got to thinking about how cool it would be to make like a ghostly/spectral Dire Wolf. But I knew I wouldn’t have time to make it before Halloween. But I thought having an undead wolf would still be really cool.  While I was working on the tiger, I got to thinking about how I built Shadowed Soul last year (Kind of a avatar waiting on the backburner). So I got the idea last night to scavenge the parts off the Shadowed Soul (Ironic, isn’t it?) and use it on the Wild Wolf avatar.  The result?  Well. Let’s just say I’m really hoping to get it finished in a week.

One of the cool things, that you can’t really see in this pic, is that it has a ‘stone heart,’ the magic keeping it alive, and the heart beats!


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I finally finished the fourth and final texture set tonight.  I also did some minor adjustments to the build.  And I still need to put in the tail rotations  for the tail’s script.  Now that  the texture packs are done, I need to put them in the scripts for the parts.  Once that’s done, the HUD needs an overhaul (Still has the wolf pics on it).  After that, we get to start testing! I hope to start testing sometime this week.

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