I’m finally back to making avatars. I’ve got a new video card, while it’s not the most powerful thing in the world, at least now I can get on SL and work without it crashing constantly.  I’ve still got to finish the critter wolf update, which was the non-mesh with the same level technology as the Wild Wolf.

I’ve also been practicing with Blender in order to make mesh. And this is my first Mesh Head. WolfHeadWIP10

The Jaw is not connected as we didn’t want to make this a rigged mesh avatar.  The reason for that is that rigged mesh cannot be resized. And we know that modders like to mess with all the different parts. The teeth are also mesh, but individual prims.  Once again this was done because we know some modders will want to make the teeth larger or smaller.

We also tend to get the occasional comments from people that the “heads are too small.”  The reality is that most “furry art” and “furry avatar” heads are entirely TOO large. And we like to keep the proportions somewhat realistic.  I guess this offends some people.  But regardless of what size you want the head to have, these are designed so you can edit them to your liking.

I’m hoping to have more free time in the  near future which will allow me to update some of our really old avatars that are in dire need of updates.

Written on March 14th, 2015 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

I’m still working on the other projects, don’t worry! But this week, I realized I really need to get on this mesh bandwagon.  Don’t worry, I won’t fully replace some of the sculpted stuff we have, I know people like to mod, and it’s kinda hard to do that with mesh parts. But I do like the look of mesh digitigrade legs, and I’d like to offer that as an option.  And then maybe do some fully mesh avatars in addition to the sculpted stuff.

Here was my first attempt yesterday at making a leg. It’s not rigged yet, I still need to figure that out. If anyone has any advice on doing that, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m just kind of winging it on my own here.

Doing all the legwork!

Doing all the legwork!


Written on May 9th, 2013 , In Progress Builds

Actually I have a few avatars that I’m working on concurrently.  (I guess I have some kind of avatar creation ADD as it’s hard for me to focus on one for very long these days, but I can switch to work on another one just fine somehow).

Anyway, you only get three guesses to figure this one out!


Written on April 18th, 2013 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

It still needs to be scripted for color changing, and currently the right and left legs are perfect mirrors, which I don’t think is appropriate for an undead wolf with random .. meat…showing.   Anyway, just thought this would make a neat pic of it.

Written on October 14th, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

Though I’m rushing this avatar, I’m worried there might be some issues.  SL is pretty notorious  for doing weird things like undoing stuff you fixed (really really likes to do this with textures, which includes sculpty textures).  But hopefully we’ll work out the bugs before the avatar goes out into the wild.

Currently there are three recolorable areas: Bone, Fur , and Glow.  Unlike the Wilds wolf, this one will only come with one texture set, which is recolorable via the HUD.  It will have the Wild Wolf’s AO.   I’m still thinking about doing a ‘snarl’ but that will only have some muscle textures on it, and actually it might take away from the cool skeletal face so I’m not really sure if I’ll do that.  Because this avatar will not have as many features as the Wild Wolf, it will be selling for less.  We have not decided on a price as of yet, or if this avatar will only be available until Halloween.

I still have to do the left legs, so don’t worry, those won’t come ‘missing’ with the avatar unless we do something extremely incompetent.  … We hope we won’t.

Written on October 12th, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

So I was working on this one all Sunday night.  I redid the stripes on all the parts except the neck. The neck has some line-up issues  and it was really really hard for me to get it just right on the orange, so I left the same stripe pattern as the orange and recolorable tigers.  However, I didn’t want this to just be a white tiger with black stripes, so I’ve added some grey here and there, such as on the face and on the back.  The stripes themselves aren’t black, but a brown.  The model tigers that I used didn’t have very many stripes at all on the chest around the arms, so I decided to stick with  that just to differentiate it from the other texture packs.  I took a comparison shot of the white and orange side by side so people could see the differences in texture.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish the tail. That’ll be the first thing I do tomorrow, and then I’ll start working on the Golden Tabby tiger.  Still up in the air about the 4th one.  I really think a silver tiger with slightly darker silver stripes might be a good one to consider.


Written on October 1st, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds, Uncategorized

Sometimes during the creation process weird and funny things happen. While I was testing an Animation, a Nommie that we’ve scripted to bounce around people decided to stop right infront of my avatar!  The following image was the result:

Written on September 4th, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

Well some good news for you guys and bad news for me.   My recent work experience was with Funcom, I was a GM for The Secret World. Unfortunately the game did not do as well as Funcom had hoped, so they laid off several of the staff members, including myself.  But that’s good news for you guys because it means I can dedicate more time to SL projects (As well as other things like my Webcomic Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn RP).

In any case, I’ve restarted work on the Wild Tiger avatar.  Here are some preliminary screenshots.  Please note! These are temporary textures that I have used from the Kaetif Tiger avatar. They will not be part of the final avatar as THEY WILL BE TEXTURED MORE REALISTICALLY LIKE THE OTHER WILD AVATARS.  Putting that in caps because I know people will ask about it!  This is a build/animation test for the avatar. The textures will be created last.

Written on September 3rd, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

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