WereHouse Avatar Recoloring Pricing and Information:

The WereHouse is now going to offer custom retexturing/recoloring for WereHouse Avatar owners. We can also do custom recoloring for avatars that a customer would like to send to a friend. Keep in mind this is for texture work only. It’s not for building or scripting work.

General Information: Recoloring will be done on Fridays on a first come first serve basis. We have the right to refuse a color job for any reason. Coloring may be limited to specific avatars, such as more recent avatars where the original avatar files are still available. We reserve the right to change prices and/or categories as we continue to test offering avatar recoloring.

What we will not do:

1. We will not recolor or add ‘naughty bits’ to avatars.
2. We will not be retexturing third party avatars or parts at this time.
3. We will not edit and tweak the avatar parts per request.
4. We will not give modify or transfer-permissable textures.

Recolor Categories:

-Simple Recoloring: Simple Recoloring is taking the pre-existing textures of a WereHouse avatar and recoloring them to meet a customer’s needs. Simple recoloring means exactly that, it is simple and will not require any editing of an avatar other than changing the color templates of existing textures. Cost: $300L per texture directly applied to the avatar and sent to the recipient. Copy versions of the texture itself available for additional $200L. Example of Simple Recoloring: Customer would like a teal tiger with a yellow underside.

-Minor Detail Work: Minor Detail Work is for WereHouse avatars that need some minor, easy to accomplish adjustments to avatar textures, such as adding a simple ‘marking’ or simple changes to a few textures. This includes taking markings from an existing avatar and adding it to another (Such as adding the V5 Tiger’s stripes to a V4 Wolf Avatar). Cost: $500L per texture directly applied to the avatar and sent to the recipient. Copy versions of the texture itself available for additional $200L. Example of Minor Detail Work: Customer would like to add a star symbol to the head and paws of an avatar.

-Major Detail Work: Major Detail Works means adding details to pre-existing WereHouse avatar images, such as very specific custom markings throughout the majority of the texture sets of an avatar. This also includes significant changes to the texture templates as well. Cost: $1000L per texture directly applied to the avatar and sent to the recipient. Copy versions of the texture itself available for additional $200L. Example of Major Detail Work: Character would like to add a specific zig-zag pattern to an avatar.

-Detailed Custom Textures: This is quite likely a complete redesign of a WereHouse avatar, texture wise. This does not include tweaking the build itself, it is only for retexturing. Please discuss with Jakkal Dingo if you need a detailed custom texture job for your avatar. Cost: Negotiatable.

Order Form: (Make it as a Note in-World)

Your Full Second Life Name:

Are you purchasing an Avatar and Recolor Work for a friend? If Yes, give their full SL name:

Avatar(s) for Retexturing: Please give version number, as well as current model and color. Example: Timber Wolf V4. Or Green Tiger V5. If you are unsure, just list color and species and we will look it up.

Desired Changes: Please give specific color coding information, such as hex codes or RGB values. Please be as thorough as possible. If you want to add a specific marking, please supply samples or textures if possible.

Date of Request:

Remember that recoloration will be done on Fridays on a first come first serve. If the WereHouse does not complete a recolor job on the Friday after submission, you will be placed in the queue for the next Friday’s work.


You fill out the Order Form. Send the notecard in-world to Jakkal Dingo. If she accepts the recolor order, she will notify you before Friday to confirm and discuss the order. Payment must be made in full before work will begin.

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These avatars are based on my two webcomics, Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn.     Kaerwyn by itself is very special to me, and it’s the main source of my creative flow. So I have decided to name these avatar sets after The Realm of Kaerwyn’s role playing environment.  This first set of avatars being released are Kaetif Tigers, of Black Tapestries Fame.

Kaetif were a created enslaved race on the world of Raekarta.  At some point they secured their freedom and started to develop their own culture and society, though still struggling with humanity to gain equality.

The Kaerwyn Creation Avatars were specifically designed to look closer to the drawn style of the comic’s Kaetif than the “realistic” style of the  WereHouse Avatars.

These avatars come with many of the features people have come to expect from the WereHouse, including HUD controlled facial expressions, Ear and tail options, and eye recoloring options.

Colors Available: Amber, Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Golden Tabby, Green, Incarnadine, Indigo,  Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Reverse, Silver, Smoke, and White.

• Designed to appear like the Kaetif creatures from Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn webcomics.
•Independently recolorable Eyes with three recolorable sections.
•Independent ear positions, with random flick, and flick on touch.
•Independent Jaw movement, with Jaw movement on type or voice chat).
•Advanced Facial Expression scripting for several combinations of snarl, open jaw, tongue lolling, razzing, surprised and more!
•Heads Up Display (HUD) comes with Nine Facial Expressions, Two ear positions, Eye Recoloring, Claw toggle,  Three Tail wagging speeds, Flexi or Sculpt Tail, and two Tail positions.
•Avatars come with detailed, hand painted textures and skins.
•Comes with the parts as shown including: HUD, Head, Both Gender Shapes, Prim Eyes, Detailed Skin, Male and Female Hairstyles, Head Fur, Ears, Jaw, Tail, Neck, Hand Prims, Digitigrade  Legs, & Digitigrade Feet.
•Now comes with Alpha Layers for Viewer 2.

* Please note this avatar does not  come with any Animations or Animation  Overrider, nor does it run quadruped.  It is also difficult to recolor unless  you provide different textures.



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As you can see, I’ve decided to change the front page of the site to a wordpress blog.  Hopefully this will make it easier for myself and my staff to add updates and information.

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