While I’m actually working on two new WereHouse Wilds avatars (Tiger and Kangaroo), I’ve been working on this avatar off and on since August.  I kind of got a kick in the pants to really work on it recently, just as a break from the normal avatar stuff. And I’m having a lot of fun with it.  This is Shadowed Soul, an undead fire wyvern.  I hope to make this an avatar as well, but for now it’s just kind of a side project.

Here’s some images of it:


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KCSatyrSampleWe’re proud to release our second Kaerwyn inspired avatar, the Satyr!  There are many different kinds of Satyrs in mythological descriptions, and we kept this in mind when we created these avatars.  You can switch between 4 different ear types, five different horn/antler styles, four different tail styles, and two different hoof types and three different hoof styles.  It also has the prim eyes people have come to love so people can independently recolor them via the HUD.   The tail and ears come with the same scripting as our other avatars, with random movement, wagging, flick on touch, etc.

These are available in WereHouse vendors, listed under the “Hybrids and Mythical” section.

Let’s just get to the point and list out the stats of this ba-a-a-a-a-a-d boy:


•Available in eight different colors: Amethyst, Black, Blonde, Brown, Emerald, Sapphire, Silver and White.
• Designed to appear like creatures from  Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn webcomics.
•Independently recolorable Prim Eyes with three recolorable sections.
•Independent ear positions, with random flick, and flick on touch.
•Comes with five horn styles, four ear styles, four tails (two flexi),  two hoof types (Horse and cloven), and three hoof styles (Hair fluff, Dew claws, smooth).
•Heads Up Display (HUD) comes with horn, ear, tail and hoof selections,  Two ear positions, Ear  Options, Eye Recoloring, Three Tail wagging speeds, Three Tail positions, and Tail options.
•Avatars come with detailed, hand painted textures and skins.
•Comes with the parts as shown including: HUD, Both Gender Shapes, Prim Eyes, Human  Skin (with nipples on both), Satyr Tattoo Layer, Male and Female Hairstyles, Horns, Ears, Tail, Unguligrade Legs, Hooves,  and fur undies.
•Can use third party skins, clothes, eyes, and hairstyle with this avatar.
•Comes with Alpha Layers for Viewer 2.

* Please note this avatar does not  come with any Animations or Animation


Written on January 8th, 2012 , Avatars

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