I have finished the Wild Wolf and Fox HUDs! They are in the testing phase now.  I will be working on the Dire HUD shortly.  I hope to have them ready to go sometime this week, or possibly released next Monday or Tuesday.

Testing the avatars, I have found that the script count is down to 42!  So for all of you guys that said the Wilds and Dires use up too many scripts, this should certainly help those issues!

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I’m sorry to say there will be some delays in regards to upcoming content releases. I’ve been hired by a local gaming company to help with their  MMO’s, which was a job I simply could not pass up.  I’ve been wanting to get into the gaming industry for a while now and this was a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately the hours are pretty long and it doesn’t leave me with much free time to work on avatars.  Plus when you’ve been working all day on the computer, it’s somewhat difficult to come home and do it more. So I’ll primarily be working on avatars on the weekends.

Right now we are working on a huge overhaul of the HUD and scriptcount on the Wild and Dire V2 avatars.  We wanted to make this change before we started working on the scripts for the Wild and Dire felines.  The build is almost done on the Wild Tiger avatar.  But it needs the HUD so we can continue with the animations themselves, then we can move on to the textures.

Also just before we started work on the quad HUDs, I finished a design build of Kaetif Housecat avatars. The build is completely finished, as is the HUD. I just haven’t made the color/coat varieties that. That will likely be released in the coming weeks.

That’s all for now.


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