We found a texture issue with the WH Wilds Tiger avatar’s HUD.  But don’t worry, we’ve fixed it!  If you are a Wild Tiger owner, you can use your updater to get the new version. Only two changes: The HUD of course, so if you’ve modified the body at all, don’t worry, it won’t need to be replaced. And we’ve also removed the Updater and put it on the HUD as a button in the About page. So you won’t need to fiddle with an update object anymore!

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We’ve just released the Housecats on the grid!  The Kaerwyn Creation avatars were built to resemble (And possibly be used for) my Webcomics Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn.  (I know, both are kind of on hiatus).  Not so secretly I intend to use these avatars as ‘extras’ in the comics.  But enough of that, these are more ‘cartoon’ styled than our normal WereHouse avatars.  They are currently only available in 10 “pointed” color schemes (Think similar to a siamese).   But we intend to add more coat colors and patterns in the near future.

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After long last (And many many bug squishes) we finally have the Wild Tiger finished and in the vendors!

More information is available about this avatar here: http://www.werehousesl.com/wildtiger/

Here is our marketplace listing for it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WereHouse-Wilds-Tiger-Avatar-V1/4249104

And now some eyecandy:

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