I had just noticed tonight, that the latest Firestorm viewer is displaying the Wild Wolf’s Recolorable Forearm texture improperly, for some reason it’s showing the soft transparent texture for the legs as having very jagged edges.  I was warned about this by one of Firestorm’s staff members a year ago, but I had never seen the bug show up at all.   Oddly enough, this seems to appear only on the forearms.  The other transparent/semi-transparent textures are not doing this.

Either way, I have tried to make a fix for it and I will probably be rolling out updates in the next few days.   The Dire Wolf, Wild Fox and Wild Tiger might need to be looked at as well, if that’s the case I will probably delay releasing the fix until all of them are ready.

I have no idea if this is a problem with any other viewers, or even if it’s just me. But I’ll try to fix it anyway.  This didn’t show up on the old Phoenix viewer.  If anyone notices an issue like this with any of our avatars, please let myself or someone on my staff know. Let them know which avatar, which texture or part, and what viewer you’re using. That’ll help us track it down!


Written on January 30th, 2013 , Avatars, Issues and Fixes

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