I’m still working on the other projects, don’t worry! But this week, I realized I really need to get on this mesh bandwagon.  Don’t worry, I won’t fully replace some of the sculpted stuff we have, I know people like to mod, and it’s kinda hard to do that with mesh parts. But I do like the look of mesh digitigrade legs, and I’d like to offer that as an option.  And then maybe do some fully mesh avatars in addition to the sculpted stuff.

Here was my first attempt yesterday at making a leg. It’s not rigged yet, I still need to figure that out. If anyone has any advice on doing that, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m just kind of winging it on my own here.

Doing all the legwork!

Doing all the legwork!


Written on May 9th, 2013 , In Progress Builds

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