So recently, we discovered an issue in some newer clients that was making invisiprims stop working completely.  We do have alpha layers available for most of our anthro avatars to fix this problem, but at the time we didn’t have anything for the critters!  So I hopped on the Critter Wolf and made an alpha layer version for them (It’s in the vendors now!)

But as I had the critter on, it bothered me that this avatar, which was made in 2009, is still fairly popular, and I still sell many of them to this day.   I’ve been wanting the Critter to be the first mesh avatar we make, but I’m still too timid to release an avatar as mesh  while I’m still trying to figure out the nuiances of it.

So I decided that if people are still buying an avatar with  2009 “technology” that maybe just updating the Critter to the Wild/Dire wolf style that people would still enjoy it even if it’s not mesh.

So this was born:


This is the Critter Wolf next to the Wild Wolf.  It uses a deformer like the Dire Wolf, only one that makes it smaller.  It still needs work, but we hope to have it available soon.  It will be free to current Critter Wolf owners. After that we’ll work on the dogs, coyotes, foxes, etc.  Cats will be some time out since we’re still working on the Dire/Wild versions of those.  (We hope to have them come out together when we make them though.)

Written on August 7th, 2014 , Uncategorized

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