Once the build is finished, I  get to work on the texture packs.  I usually start with the most common realistic texture pack, that way I can test it on the preliminary build, make sure it looks okay, and then base the recolorable version on that texture pack.  So what you see in this next picture is the Recolorable version of the textures (with the stripes as Red, the base as Blue, and the underside as White so it’s easier for me to see what’s going on between them.). Some people wonder why there are ‘extra prims’ on the avatars when they get them. The truth is, if you look at the recolorable, for each attachment, there will be at least three sets of prims: 1 for the base (Blue), 1 for the Underside (White), and 1 for the stripes (Red.)  In order for these to be independently recolorable, they have to be their own prims.   So why does this affect the non-recolorable? Well those prims are still there,  they just have a transparent texture on them for the realistic colors.

Anyway this image shows the recolorable, next to the orange tiger, and then I’m working on the white tiger texture pack.  Each part has to be down with the textures on it in order to program it into the HUD.  So it looks like a mess, but  this is just how it goes.

I’m still trying to decide which texture pack I should do for the 4th one.  Currently I have Recolorable, Orange, White and Golden Tabby tigers on the lineup. Usually our ‘4th’ realistic texture is a melanistic style “Black Orange” tiger. Though I might, instead, make a maltese or gray tiger instead. What say you guys?

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