Though I’m rushing this avatar, I’m worried there might be some issues.  SL is pretty notorious  for doing weird things like undoing stuff you fixed (really really likes to do this with textures, which includes sculpty textures).  But hopefully we’ll work out the bugs before the avatar goes out into the wild.

Currently there are three recolorable areas: Bone, Fur , and Glow.  Unlike the Wilds wolf, this one will only come with one texture set, which is recolorable via the HUD.  It will have the Wild Wolf’s AO.   I’m still thinking about doing a ‘snarl’ but that will only have some muscle textures on it, and actually it might take away from the cool skeletal face so I’m not really sure if I’ll do that.  Because this avatar will not have as many features as the Wild Wolf, it will be selling for less.  We have not decided on a price as of yet, or if this avatar will only be available until Halloween.

I still have to do the left legs, so don’t worry, those won’t come ‘missing’ with the avatar unless we do something extremely incompetent.  … We hope we won’t.

Written on October 12th, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

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