I have spoken to one of the creators of the Seawolf avatars, and we determined that we might be able to fix our ‘large’ avatars if we use mesh deformers.    Unfortunately I am not as well versed in mesh as I would like to be, so this is going a bit slower than I would like. But I did want to show you some of the progress I made with it:

DireExample  The white ‘stickman’ thing is the mesh deformed shape.  As you can see, it still needs a little work, the legs aren’t lining up right, the front paws are a little off.  I might use this time to fix some of the issues I’ve never liked on the Dire, but I want to try to roll this out as soon as I can.  And no, the deformer shape will be invisible when I’m done, I just  wanted you guys to see it for now.

So if I’m using a mesh deformer, why not just go all the way with mesh?  Well, I want to! That’s why I’m learning how to make mesh avs now, but I’m only just learning.  And this particular issue is actually to fix a problem that Linden Labs caused with that July/August update (The dire wolf sinking). So I want to get this avatar back to working properly before I can move on.  And that means using a mesh deformer while continuing to use prim attachments.

When I’m more comfortable making mesh avs, you bet there will be a dire wolf version of it.  But I’m not ready to release anything like that yet.  Not just yet.

Written on October 1st, 2013 , Uncategorized

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