I’ve finished all the work we’ve added/changed/edited/fixed on the Dire Wolf. We’re now in the testing phase. Since every single script on the dire had to be changed, we’ve got to go through everything to make sure there’s no bugs and everything works properly.

Some things Dire Wolf Owners need to know:

1. You must have a mesh compliant viewer.  Since Linden Labs made it so animation deformers will no longer function properly, the only way to make non-human avatar shapes is to use Mesh.  Because we didn’t want to make this entirely a mesh avatar , we are only using a mesh base.  None of the mesh is actually shown on the Dire Wolf, it’s still a sculpted prim avatar.

2. We have removed the “Eyes Attached” head. Since you have to use mesh, you’ll definitely be using a multiple-attachment compliant viewer.  People can request an eyes-attached head, but it won’t be packaged with the Dire Wolf.

SittingTailPositionHere’s the list of changes:

V2.5 – Nov 2013
– Deformer changed to Mesh deformer/shape due to SL update that rendered all prior animation based deformers inoperable.
– “Eyes Attached” version of the head removed as this version of the Dire Wolf requires a mesh viewer, which means all of them can handle multiple attachments.
– Script Updates – All scripts in the attachments have had tweaks or updates, notably to an issue after a recently SL update that caused the color changing to not fully progress through all the prims.
– Color/Texture changing is a bit slower now to give each prim/section enough time to change all the colors/textures on each prim successfully.  Added a command so users can manually edit the time it takes to change textures/colors (Making it slower for lagging sims could help, and faster again if needed.)
– HUD Update – Removed the deformer scripts and animations for use with the mesh deformer.
– Tail, Upper leg, Lower leg rebuilt to appear more streamlined/realistic.
-Animations redone to work with new mesh deformer.  Walk and Run animations made with less ‘kicking out’ so they no longer appear to be ‘prancing’.
-HUD Selected Animations that change facial expressions will now revert the expression once the animation is done being used/playing.
-If Tail is in sculpted mode, it will change position for some HUD Selected Animations (such as the Sit pose).  Also available in command form.
-Updating system has been added to the HUD for ease of use.  See “About” tab on the HUD for Updates.

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