I’m finally back to making avatars. I’ve got a new video card, while it’s not the most powerful thing in the world, at least now I can get on SL and work without it crashing constantly.  I’ve still got to finish the critter wolf update, which was the non-mesh with the same level technology as the Wild Wolf.

I’ve also been practicing with Blender in order to make mesh. And this is my first Mesh Head. WolfHeadWIP10

The Jaw is not connected as we didn’t want to make this a rigged mesh avatar.  The reason for that is that rigged mesh cannot be resized. And we know that modders like to mess with all the different parts. The teeth are also mesh, but individual prims.  Once again this was done because we know some modders will want to make the teeth larger or smaller.

We also tend to get the occasional comments from people that the “heads are too small.”  The reality is that most “furry art” and “furry avatar” heads are entirely TOO large. And we like to keep the proportions somewhat realistic.  I guess this offends some people.  But regardless of what size you want the head to have, these are designed so you can edit them to your liking.

I’m hoping to have more free time in the  near future which will allow me to update some of our really old avatars that are in dire need of updates.

Written on March 14th, 2015 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

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