Tacimur was kind enough to start a forum post for Wild Tiger Discussions, so you guys can feel free to post there if you have anything to say: http://forums.werehousesl.com/showthread.php?t=199

Today I didn’t get a whole lot done since it was Saturday. But  did manage to “finish” the back legs.  I put that in quotes because this is all tentative depending on how well the textures work with animations and such (They’re all currently untested).  Once I’ve got the preliminary textures done (Still have the tail and the jaw to go) I’ll be adding more fluff prims to various parts (Such as the underside of the chest).  I will also start working on the facial expressions.

I did some changes to the head as well, as the nose looked weird to me, too short in some angles and too long in others.  Now I”m afraid it might look too canine, so I’ll likely still be working on that a bit before I start making the expressions. Tacimur also pointed out that the jaw line/black marks/lips were too far back on the model, behind the eyes. I’ll be working on fixing that as well with the rest of the head tweaks.

Written on September 16th, 2012 , Uncategorized

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