The WereHouse Undead Wolf
Release Date: October 2012
Avatar Type: Quadruped Zombie Wolf Avatar

The WereHouse Avatars were at the forefront of Second Life® quadruped
avatar creation since our first "Critters" line was introduced in early 2006.  Since then we've offered 170 different quadruped avatar choices, including the smaller Critters up to the huge Dires.  But now we're offering something a little better, a little more realistic, and in between the two previously existing avatars.

The Undead Wolf is based on the "WereHouse Wilds Wolf" avatar.  It comes with many of the great features people have known our avatars for: color  customization, user controlled animations, and more!

This avatar comes with its own Animation Overrider, with a HUD based Animation selection, 3 recolorable body areas (Bone, Fur, Glow), and independently recolorable eyes.

The Undead Wolf comes with a HUDAO (Heads Up Display Animation Overrider) that controls most aspects of the avatar.  The Undead Wolf comes with 47 Animations.  This includes the standard AO animations of: eight idle stand poses, walk, run, flying, hovering, swimming, etcetera. The HUD has 22 user selected animations, including ear scratching, growling, howling, laying/sleeping poses, and other common canine behaviors.

The HUD  also has controls for the Ears and Tail. The Ear toggles allow you to set up the ears to move around randomly, flick on 'touch', or be forced forward or pinned back. The tail allows you to select an up or down position, three wagging speeds, and select between a flexi tail and a sculpted prim tail.

The avatar and the HUD are available in Mod/Copy/No Trans.

Note: The WereHouse Undead Wolf requires that you are using the latest version of the Second Life Viewer, or compatible viewers. The Wolf avatar uses alpha layers and some scripted objects that require the updated viewers to work properly.

Size Chart: (Click for a larger image)


HUDAO Manual

1. Base HUDAO

The HUDAO is made up of four sections. The main menu is always available unless "hidden", and attached to the lower right of the screen. 

The main menu, or the Base HUDAO has six quick access buttons on it.  The Top button "Main Menu" will always return to the Main Menu section.

The second button leads to the Options menu. This will allow you to control the Ear and Tail options of the avatar.

The third button is for the Recolor section.  This will allow you to change the Fur, Bones, Glow and Eye colors of the avatar. 

The fourth button is for the "About" page, which has information on  the WereHouse, as well as the link to this manual's webpage, and a notecard for a quick command reference.

The fifth button is for the Animations of the avatar. Clicking the Animations will bring up the Animation menu section. To the right of this button is the Animation Overrider (AO) Reset button. If any changes are made to the AO, you'll want to click this button to make sure the changes go live.  This is good to use as well if the HUDAO is experiencing issues. To the left of Animations button is the AO Power button. If you click this button it will shut off the Animation Overrider.

And the final button is the Hide button.  This will hide the HUDAO from the HUD and leave a small WereHouse Logo in its place, which you can click on to bring up the HUD once again.

Chat Commands

All commands are on channel 53, that means they should all start with /53.  Commands are not case sensitive.

1. Jaw Control - Werehouse Yakkity
JawClose - Puts the jaw in the regular closed position.
JawOpen - Puts the jaw in the open position.
VoiceTalkOn - Allows the jaw to move (Like talking) while using SL's voice chat.
VoiceTalkOff - Turns off jaw movement for voice chat.
VoiceTalkToggle - Toggles between the the voice chatting and nonchatting states.
TypeTalkOn - Allows the jaw to move (like talking) while typing on SL.
TypeTalkOff - Turns off the movement for typing.
TypeTalkToggle - Toggles between the type chatting and nonchatting states.
SubTypeTalkTime X -   Moves the jaw if the owner uses a subchannel, such as for talking through role playing items. X = number of seconds to move jaw. Set time to zero to disable.
SubTypeTalkChan X - Sets the channel for the Yakkity scripting to check.   (X = channel to listen to.)

2. Ear Control
LeftForward - Sets the Left Ear in the forward facing position. (Note, the ears will still randomly move and flick if those controls are on.)
LeftBack - Sets the Left Ear in the 'pinned' position.
RightForward - Sets the Right Ear in the forward facing position. (Note, the ears will still randomly move and flick if those controls are on.)
RightBack - Sets the Right Ear in the 'pinned' position.
EarMoveStart  - Allows the ears to swivel randomly while set in the "Forward" Position.
EarMoveStop - Turns off the ear movement.
EarMoveToggle - Toggles between the moving and nonmoving states.
TouchFlickOn  - Allows the ears to flick when someone else touches the avatar's ears. (Note: Owner can always touch flick)
TouchFlickOff - Turns off the ear flicking for others.
TouchFlickToggle - Toggles between the ear flicking off/on states.
EarTypeMoveOn  - Allows the ears to move into the forward position while typing.
EarTypeMoveOff - Turns off the type triggered ear movement.
EarTypeMoveToggle - Toggles between type triggered off/on states.

3. Tail Control
TailFlexi - Switches the tail to flexiprims.
TailSculpt - Switches the tail to sculpted prims.
TailToggle - Toggles between flexiprim and sculpted prims.
WagSlow - Slow tail wagging state.
WagMed - Midrange tail wagging state.
WagFast - Fast wagging state.
WagStop - Stops the tail wagging state.
WagSwish - Toggles the tail between a randomly occuring horizontal swish and no swish.
TailUp - Puts the tail in an 'up' position.
TailDown - Puts the tail in a lower/normal position.
TailTuck - Puts the tail in a low/tucked position. (Note: wagging states do not work in this position.)
FlickStart - Allows the tail to randomly flick.
FlickStop - Turns off the random flick.
Flick  - Makes the tail flick once on command.

4. Colorizer
ColorAll <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
LeftEye - Left Eye Color <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
RightEye - Right Eye Color <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
Bone <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
Glow <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
Fur <vector value> OR defined color (see below)
ColorDefault (sets all color sections to defaults) Defaults are listed as follows:
Fur: <.5,.5,.5>
Bone: <.5,.5,.5>
Glow: <1.0,.5,.0>
Right Eye: <1.0,.5,.0>
Left Eye: <1.0,.5,.0>

Pre-Defined Colors:
gray <.19, .19, .19>
auburn <.32, .18, .08>
skyblue <.62, .62, .85>
copper <.42, .27, .12>
red <.35, 0, 0>
green <0, .5, 0>
yellow <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>
golden <1.00000, 0.50196, 0.00000>
darkgray <.06, .06, .06>
blue <0, 0, .21>
lightgray <.5, .5, .5>
brown <.53,.22,.03>
black <0,0,0>
purple <0.19608, 0.00000, 0.36078>
white <1,1,1>

5. Particle  Effects
/53 particledigon - Turns on the Particle Dig Effect
/53 particledigoff - Turns off the Particle Dig Effect
/53 femalepeeon - Turns on the Female Pee particle effect
/53 femalepeeoff- Turns off the Female Pee particle effect
/53 malepeeon - Turns on the Male Pee particle effect
/53 malepeeoff- Turns off the Male Pee particle effect


We will add information here as it becomes available.


We will add information here as it becomes available.


Main Builder and Texture Designer: Jakkal Dingo
Main Scripter: Kayla Stonecutter
Animations: Jakkal Dingo
Testers: Wolfshaman Warrior


In World Help Staff: Wolfshaman Warrior, Forefox Rolls, and Tyger Skytower
Email Support: Jakkal at gmail dot com
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