So I was working on this one all Sunday night.  I redid the stripes on all the parts except the neck. The neck has some line-up issues  and it was really really hard for me to get it just right on the orange, so I left the same stripe pattern as the orange and recolorable tigers.  However, I didn’t want this to just be a white tiger with black stripes, so I’ve added some grey here and there, such as on the face and on the back.  The stripes themselves aren’t black, but a brown.  The model tigers that I used didn’t have very many stripes at all on the chest around the arms, so I decided to stick with  that just to differentiate it from the other texture packs.  I took a comparison shot of the white and orange side by side so people could see the differences in texture.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish the tail. That’ll be the first thing I do tomorrow, and then I’ll start working on the Golden Tabby tiger.  Still up in the air about the 4th one.  I really think a silver tiger with slightly darker silver stripes might be a good one to consider.


Written on October 1st, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds, Uncategorized

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