Well some good news for you guys and bad news for me.   My recent work experience was with Funcom, I was a GM for The Secret World. Unfortunately the game did not do as well as Funcom had hoped, so they laid off several of the staff members, including myself.  But that’s good news for you guys because it means I can dedicate more time to SL projects (As well as other things like my Webcomic Black Tapestries and The Realm of Kaerwyn RP).

In any case, I’ve restarted work on the Wild Tiger avatar.  Here are some preliminary screenshots.  Please note! These are temporary textures that I have used from the Kaetif Tiger avatar. They will not be part of the final avatar as THEY WILL BE TEXTURED MORE REALISTICALLY LIKE THE OTHER WILD AVATARS.  Putting that in caps because I know people will ask about it!  This is a build/animation test for the avatar. The textures will be created last.

Written on September 3rd, 2012 , Avatars, In Progress Builds

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